You seriously can't go wrong with anything on the menu.


Since it's still summer out here in California, we decided to get some ice cream. SPRINKLES STYLE!


Sprinkles' outdoor seating at the Americana has quickly become my favorite work spot, but that may be because you could bribe me to do just about anything with a Sprinkles Cupcake. 

My favorite flavors in this order are: Coconut, Vanilla, Red Velvet, Coconut Lemon. So if you're gonna bribe me, I'd start by offering a Coconut first (or all of them neatly tucked away in a box of a dozen).

As you can see we get pretty excited about Sprinkles. 

I want to be the Sprinkles truck driver.
— Dom after her first Sprinkles bite ever.

Seriously guys, I love them that much. I even invented a diet. The SPRINKLES DIET goes as follows. Some protein and 3-4 cupcakes throughout the day with a lot of smiling and jumping for joy.

NOTE: You can get an extra shot of frosting if you find yourself in need of more on the cake part. 

So pretty.

So pretty.


Sometimes in life we need a little incentive and why not in a fluffy sweetness form? 

Whenever I have something slightly unpleasant to work on I set little goals and rewards. 

For example, I find cover letters and personal statements extremely dreadful. Why humble brag when you can just brag? Even more, you know they don't want to read them and you don't want to write them. Such a weird thing we're doing here. Back to my point, I set small goals and reward myself when the task is accomplished. This way I feel productive and closer to accomplishing a major task. Something as little as slapping a pageful of words on a blank screen seems was, yet somehow it can be a daunting task. We all get overwhelmed. So find what you're hungry for (in my case literally), use it to your advantage and then go for it!

And remember, if it's happy, it's healthy. 

I hope your day is as sweet as a Sprinkles cupcake.