Summer is shorts

Our youngest sister, Gabby, is about to leave us once more and head back to school in California. 😢 Gabby's looming departure means that she has a lot of prepping and packing to do so naturally we procrastinated by building a pillow fort. 

To go with our newly built home, Dom found us shorts that feel like pajamas. These shorts are so comfortable you could wear them to bed. So if you're the type to PTFO 😴when you get home from a long day of work or dancing, get a pair. And I'm not just talking to the girls, guys if you have sexy legs and want to show them off, the ruffles💃🏻on the bottom accentuate every leg shape! 

Sky’s out, thighs out.

Even though we have a few matching outfits, we actually try not to buy identical clothes. An advantage of having sisters is that we can borrow each other's clothes, but these were on sale and so versatile that we each wanted our own pair.  

Dom is dying to borrow Gabby's dark pair. They could easily transition into fall fashion with a pair of black pantyhose. Hint, hint: maybe you'll see that in a future post!

Their frilly ruffle hem gives them a playful flair and forces you to make silly faces. So come play with us and let's make a fort. 

Life is short and summer is shorter so build more forts.

Check in with us next week as we celebrate a birthday🎂 and say goodbye to summer and a part of our hearts as the three of us have to be apart for the next few months. 💔