Grab your blender, your garlic, and cilantro. 🌱🌱🌱🌱

Wait, what? 

Garlic and cilantro in a smoothie-it tastes SOOOOOOOO GOOOOD!  JK it's nasty. Annnd sucker punches your right in the gut. Seriously, it can make you drop to your knees.  

Crazy Dom here came up with a brilliant health tonic. One of our cleanses recommended eating a clove of garlic every morning with nothing but an apple slice to buffer the bite. Have you ever chomped down on raw garlic? It's a great way to solidify that single status or just ward off all vampires.  🐲🐲 Since raw garlic is very cleansing, we didn't want to let the rough chewing process prevent us from taking it. So Dom came up with the brilliant idea to blend it in some water and take it like a shot every morning. Knowing us, we can't leave good enough alone and always end up adding more "ingredients" to our recipes. 

I've read that cilantro aids in liver detoxification. The liver is super important because it processes toxins and metabolizes fat. So it's important to keep this guy going strong. That way you can retox on the weekends, am I right? 🍻🍕

Garlic is antimicrobial, great for the heart, digestion, and an immunity booster. You can google it. THUS ALL BEING SAID IT MAKES MY SKIN ✨GLOW✨! It reduces wrinkles and helps with blemishes! So worth it! Yay for garlic! 🎊👏🏼🎉


This recipe is also great because it uses up that extra garlic and cilantro that goes to mush after a week. Pretty sure no one uses a full bunch in one or even two weeks, and being my single self (sisters don't count) we definitely have a hard time using up all of the cilantro and garlic before they go bad. We have tons more recipes for your spare herbs and greens. (I'll update you with what I do with my extra basil in another post!) 😝


  • 1/2 garlic blossom 
  • leftover cilantro 
  • 1 cup of water 

I throw in a cup of water and 1/2 a garlic blossom into the blender. Chop the garlic cloves if your blender can't handle the garlic cloves whole. Then I add as much left over cilantro as I have. (Throw out any of the slimey bits.)  I then blend until it's a uniformed liquid. 😳

Next, I pour it into a 16 oz bottle and fill it to the brim with filtered water. We keep it in the fridge for about a week or two. 📆

(WHY DON'T THEY HAVE A GARLIC EMOJI! It'd be so popular!) 

I take a shot each morning on an empty stomach.🚩 IMPORTANT 🚩: before taking, DILUTE with water. So you 1:1 ratio equal parts water and water, cilantro, garlic smoothie. If you want to increase potency slowly reduce the water. 


If it makes you sweat, feel like you're gonna to throw up, or your heart is about to jump out of your chest cut back on the green part and add more water! 😵💗